Once you’ve lived in 巴黎 awhile and know the ropes, you are ready to start searching for a place of your own, 从你第二年的学习开始. 信誉排行榜为您提供机会在您的第一年后与住房办公室寻找一个独立的房间或私人公寓, or you may choose to look for something on your own.



返校学生可以细读 房地产数据库 回顾信誉排行榜的列表. 每学期结束前一个月, you may begin to schedule apartment visits through the 住房办公室.

As our services are only available to currently enrolled 十大靠谱网投平台 students, 你必须先注册下个学期的课程,然后信誉排行榜才能为你安排住宿.

你应该亲自在巴黎以便和信誉排行榜一起进行房屋搜查, and we ask that you visit an apartment in person before agreeing to rent it.  Once you have selected a few apartment options from the database, stop by our offices in Combes to arrange your first 住房 visits. 适合全职实习的学生, 信誉排行榜可以偶尔破例,通过电话或电子邮件帮你找房子.

在八月期间, 信誉排行榜的办公室关闭,以准备新学生迎新-信誉排行榜可以帮助你解决任何问题,你现在的公寓, 然而, we postpone all new 住房 search until the first Monday of orientation. Please contact us if you would like a 住房 appointment during orientation week.

Once you’ve agreed to rent an apartment through our office, you are committed to staying there until at least the end of the current semester.



一些租赁价格包括网络、电力和暖气,但有些不包括. 这些差异已在信誉排行榜的房屋报价上注明,如果您有任何问题,请与信誉排行榜联系. 如果你不确定你今年的房租预算应该是多少,信誉排行榜可以帮你计算一下.

有些公寓可能有资格获得法国政府的住房补贴(CAF)。. 这要由房东来决定. 如果公寓符合CAF的条件,你还必须支付“税收居住”。. 这是一项地方行政服务税,在1月1日入住公寓的学生必须缴纳, irrespective of how long the student has been there throughout the year. It must be paid by the tenant (unless clearly stated by the landlord,) and is usually billed sometime between September and November for that year.

学生 with pets should let us know at the beginning of their 住房 search. Some of our landlords are happy to host you and your pet, 然而, we ask that you pay 2 months of security deposit (rather than the usual 1 month,) in order to safeguard against any potential damages.



当你搬进你的公寓, 你应该付一个月的押金和第一个月的租金给你的房东. 你应该随时拿收据! 您还将填写一份“état des lieux”与您的房东,在那里您将注意到任何和all的损坏公寓, to ensure that you are not charged for them when you move out.

You must sign up for a 住房 insurance contract, and provide your landlord with a copy of the attestation. The easiest way to do this is to signup with your French bank.

当你搬出公寓时,你必须至少提前30天书面通知你的房东. You will revisit the “état des lieux” after you have removed all of your belongings and cleaned the apartment; any damages that have occurred during your tenancy will be your responsibility to pay for. 你的房东可以保留你的押金长达60天,直到他们修复任何损坏, 超过这个时间点,他们必须退还押金, and/or send you any receipts proving the repairs that they had done.


请参阅信誉排行榜的 资源 page for receipt templates, “état des lieux” forms, and moving out letter examples.