You will find numerous resources and forms, including the exam accommodation request form here.

的 (学术资源中心) 是残疾支持服务的初步联系吗. 学习住宿协调员:

  • 收集和验证官方文件;
  • Registers and communicates eligibility to relevant faculty and staff members;
  • 引导学生到专家那里进行认知评估.
  • 管理在线考试住宿表;
  • 审核并批准即将到来的考试的住宿申请;
  • Serves as a liaison with professors regarding accommodation arrangements;
  • Drops off and picks up laptops at exam locations and delivers completed exams to professors.


 的 (学生指导顾问) is a secondary resource that students may go to when they need support on campus. 咨询师:

  • 作为额外的情感和个人支持
  • 能否将学生介绍给专家和外部资源
  • 介绍学生到ARC进行住宿登记



Exam Accommodation service is offered by the 学术资源中心 (ARC) as a resource to assist with scheduling students using their approved testing accommodations. This service is only available for students who have been approved for academic accommodations.


学生可浏览 这里是考试住宿申请表.